Take advantage of these sales tools to communicate with your clients frequently. Listed below by section are the tools that we provide to help increase your sales. Flyers by pen family, special pricing, targeted vertical market product ideas, and so much more.

Unless specified, all pricing expires on 12/31/19.

  • Pen Family Flyers

    Flyers organized by family help you quickly find support tools for your favorite pens.

  • Special Pricing Flyers

    If your customer is on a tight budget or looking for a special deal these flyers all feature pens on sale, Red Hot Buys, and limited time offers!

  • Marketing Flyers

    Flyers designed for you to share with your customers by market, theme, season, product category, cause marketing, and more. These are great tools to make sure your customers remember pens for all their communication needs.

  • Vertical Market Flyers

    Flyers organized by industry theme, including application ideas and opportunities to include pens.

  • Service Flyers

    Flyers that showcase our award winning service.

  • New Product Flyers

    NEW for 2019! Check back frequently, as additional new products will be featured each month this fall.