Hub Pen will be closed for the Christmas holiday on Thursday, December 25th & Friday, December 26th.
We will also be closed for the New Year’s holiday on January 1st & 2nd.
Because of these holidays, Hub Pen will only be shipping to Canada on Tuesday of both weeks (December 23rd and 30th).
Thanks for your understanding.


#308 Berlineta **NEW**
As low as  $0.50
#308 Assorted Berlineta Stylus Pen W/Silver Trim & Black Ink 308ASST/BLK
#331 Assorted Javalina Stylus Pens W/Silver Trim & Black Ink 331ASST/BLK
#332 Classic Javalina Stylus W/Assorted Trims & Black Ink 332ASST/BLK
#332 Classic Javalina Stylus W/Assorted Trims & Blue Ink 332ASST
#336 Chrome Javalina Stylus Pens W/Asst. Trims & Black Ink 336ASST/BLK
#357 Fiji Chrome Stylus***NEW
As low as  $0.86
#357 Assorted Fiji Stylus Pens W/Silver Barrel & Black Ink 357ASST/BLK
#417 Mardi Gras Touch
As low as  $0.82
#417 Assorted Mardi Gras Touch W/Stylus Top & Black Ink 417ASST/BLK
#585 Assorted MaxGlide Click Stylus W/Black Grip & Black Ink 585ASST/BLK
#680 Smoothscript **NEW**
As low as  $2.50
#680 Assorted Microfiber Pens W/Stylus & Black Ink 680ASST/BLK
#697 Farrella
As low as  $2.18
#697 Assorted Farrella 697ASST
#699 Textari Stylus ***NEW
As low as  $1.88
#699 Assorted Textari Stylus Pens W/Silver Trim & Black Ink 699ASST/BLK
#708 Assorted T.Macy Triple Function Pen W/Black Ink 708ASST/BLK
#856 Zonita
As low as  $2.96
#856 Assorted Zonita W/Black Rubber Grip, Silver T 856ASST/BLK
#857 Assorted Estillo - Multi Function Executive Pen 857ASST
#984 Guillox ® 9 Stylus ***NEW
As low as  $16.68
#984 Gunmetal Guillox Stylus Pen W/Assorted Caps & Black Ink 984ASST/BLK